Tuesday, September 1, 2015

COLD HARD FACTS - Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 Night 1

What happened when we last left Paradise? I don't even remember. Joe and JJ were going to fight. Oh snap.

CAUTION: CRABS EVERYWHERE. They're so creepy. Look at their eyes. Girls scream. More crabs.

Chris Harrison reading his own book and Jorge the bartender!

Ok, back to real life. JJ is mad at Joe, and Jared's just like "dude. chill." Tenley comes to check out what's going on. We rehash what's been going on the last couple episodes about Joe and Sam and the deception of Juelia. "Hey Joseph. OR WHAT"


Joe is venting to Jorge. Joe reminds everyone about how Sam and Joe talked before the show.

JJ offers to give Juelia his rose and she says no. That's so nice! He's really trying to redeem his image. Good job, yo.


Joe and Sam are talking about how everything with them was figured out before the show. Joe's worried that everyone keeps talking to him about it and just wants it to be over, and Sam's tells him he needs to relax and that she doesn't care what anybody else thinks. They're in looooooove. And it'll work out. PARADISE! Sam says not to worry about it. And then she kisses him but makes the "MWAH" sound and that sounds real fake. COOL. Joe's like "damn, I like you so much." Sam giggles. 

Cocktail party! Kirk is wearing suspenders and that's super adorable.

Chris Harrison! Three women are going home tonight.

Joe and Samantha try to smooth over what's happening but they have contradictory stories and they're not telling the whole truth. Everyone can see through their lies! Juelia asks Joe if his plan was to come here and deceive her just to get to Sam, and Sam interrupts and is like "I think...I think..." And then Clare is like "STOP TALKING AND LET JUELIA FINISH." Clare is over your shit, Sam. "Supposably she's your friend so like...what's the deal?" Tanner's like "Can you guys just admit that you talked before you got here so we can all forget about this?" And Sam says "Nope. I'm not going to admit that because it didn't happen." COME ON ALREADY.

Tanner's like "I'm out dudes. I'm done with this convo." And then a bunch of other people follow. And then they go and continue the conversation, just in a different location. "I would love to admit that, but I only admit the truth. YOU DON'T KNOW ME" ok Sam, we get it. You're like the magical sitar from Moulin Rouge, only broken.

Ashley I and Jared go talk. She super wants him to kiss her. They sit there awkwardly, and I'm like "I totes know that feel bro." Ashley's like YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY WHY CAN'T WE MAKE OUT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVVVVVER. I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU" And he's like "ok fine I guess I can kiss you after you tell me you have a crush on me." He really had to psych himself up for the kiss. 

Going into the rose ceremony, these are the people who are up in the air:
Ashley S

Tenley goes to try and campaign for JJ to give his rose to Juelia. No one knows that he already offered it to her and she said no! Megan tells JJ that she had a great time on their date. JJ told Tenley that Megan doesn't seem like she wants to kiss him! OH NOES.

Juelia doesn't want a sympathy rose, so she goes to talk to Chris and tells him how she feels played by Joe. She said that if she had known what was going to happen with Joe, she would have given her rose to Mikey. She tells Chris that it would be GREAT if Mikey could come back so he could have another chance in Paradise, with her. Chris says that what she's asking is unprecedented. SO I GUESS WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!


Tenley says this could be one of the most dramatic rose ceremonies of Paradise, and we're all wondering why she stole Chris Harrison's line.


Joshua picks...Tenley. Who looks really pretty in a black and white dress!
Jared picks...Ashley I.
Kirk picks...Carly! DUH. SO CUTE.
Tanner picks...Jade.
JJ picks...Ashley S. Who is like "what? I'm not accepting that. No. Ok. No. Ok. Thank you." And then JJ gives a war hero speech because he's in love with someone at home! He talks about how he didn't think he could feel anything, how his insides were calcified, and his heart was frozen and cold. Ouch. That sucks. And he's outta here! JJ we love you! You're a hero! Good job! I hope she still likes him.

Joe picks...Samantha. Duh. Ugh.
Dan picks...a few minutes to talk to Carly. Chris comes and tells them it's time, so Dan picks.....Amber! He goes for love!

Bye Clare. Bye Megan. Bye Juelia. Wait! Hello...Mikey?! Mikey's back! And Juelia gets to stay! This place is crazy.

Joe sees Mikey and he just looks VERY worried. Montage of everyone else saying "I'm so glad you're back." Joe says in his interview "I think Juelia being back here is great." Producer says "Your face doesn't look happy." Joe says "My face never looks happy." RUH ROH. DRAMATIC MUSIC. Sam's like "I'm over it. Never dealt with this much drama in my entire life." Newsflash: you're the reason it's happening, Sam!

Everyone is like "ugh ok time to go to bed." And then a date card arrives! Tanner! Tanner and Jade are going on a date to Tequila! They then hack at an agave plant to help with making tequila! 

Jorge tells Joe that Sam totally likes him because of the smile that she has on her face. We all vomit. Sam tells us that she's definitely still into Joe. And that she's here for him.

OH NO SOMEONE NEW IS HERE. It's Nick from Ashley's season. Chris gives him a date card! Nick says "love and drama down here?" And Chris says "drama, right that way!" Aw Chris, come on, there's SOME love down there. Just not surrounding Sam. Or Joe.

Nick introduces himself to everyone, then reads his date card. He asks Samantha! WHAT! Joe is freaking out. Nick and Samantha talk. Joe looks very very worried, and everyone is quite excited at the prospect of Sam dumping Joe just like he did to Juelia. But after they talk, Sam comes back and says that they are not going on the date. OH SNAP. Nick is shocked, because apparently they had ALSO talked before coming to Paradise, and she told him she'd say yes. He did ask for drama!

Mikey asks Nick why he wanted to go with Sam, and Nick tells Mikey that he and Sam had been talking for a few months, that they had seen each other when he came to LA, and they had just been in contact. WHAT. DRAMA. SAM. Why are you talking to everyone?! I mean, I guess that's fine. Do what you want. But don't lead everyone on! Mikey gives Nick the rundown of what all has happened with the Sam and Joe saga. So now Nick has to figure out what he's going to do!

Nick decides to ask Ashley S! She says yes. They're going to a private island! They can't go to the island because of  a hurricane. So now Ashley and Nick are going to have to figure something else out!

Back to Jade and Tanner's date. They're drinking tequila. And now they get a card that says "Here's your fantasy suite! ENJOY SEXY TIME LOVE, CHRIS" So they head to the hotel!

Big crab thing! And a pelican! Or some other bird. YOU GUYS I STILL HAVEN'T LEARNED WHAT ANIMALS ARE.

Back to Nick and Ashley's date. Where they cheers at least six times. So much tequila! They're drunk. "It's five o'clock, I guess, all the time." says Ashley. And now they're getting a massage! Together but separate. Yeah, oil them bodies up. There's a bird in the tree and it starts talking to Ashley! The bird is telling her to put her hand on his bulge. Which they keep showing us. A lot. So now Ashley and Nick are making out! They're oily. And kissing. Now they're in a hot tub. Drinking more. Ashley and Nick are both super drunk. More kissing. Ashley falls down a little bit. Ashley comes up with a toast where she says "Cheers to the fact that I will always be here as a sister for you." WHAT. Nick is like, uh, that's weird because we kissed. Cheers to I like you, how about that? Ashley's like..."I wouldn't kiss a sister. I don't even have a sister." It's basically an amazing conversation and I'm sure everyone is so happy it's filmed so we can relive that glorious moment over and over. CHEERS.

Jade and Tanner and have a SERIOUS TALK about their future. Tanner is falling for Jade. He wants Jade to be his girlfriend! And she's like "what are you afraid I'm going to do to you?" Which is a valid question. He's worried that he's going to leave sad, but in love with her, and he doesn't know what's going to happen. First she doesn't say anything other than "I get it." Then after a little while, she opens up too! She reassures him that she's right there with him and she feels the same way. Yay! Another Kirk and Carly in the making! Super cute. And they're officially boyfriend and girlfriend. ANOTHER COUPLE. HURRAY. OK CAMERAS GET OUT OF THE ROOM SO THEY CAN MAKE SOME WHOOPIE.


Ashley and Nick are looking for water. They're a leeeeettle bit hungover, perhaps from all the tequila they drank? Who knows though.

Joe and Sam are hanging out on a lounge chair. Joe tells her that he might have something special planned for her. It's his birthday!! He thinks things are going well with her, so he decides to stir the pot and asks if there's anyone that she wants to go on a date with besides him. She says no, but is not quite convincing. Now he's questioning everything, asking her "why me?" Ughhhhh Joe. Now he's worried because there's something on her mind and he's like, just tell me! And she says "I've been honest with everything I've said." UGHHHHHHH. Sam goes upstairs to shower and do her hair, and Joe follows her up there. Like a puppy. Shoo, Joe. Sam says she's not sure what to make of everything with him being made out not to be a good person, and Joe's like "that's what I was afraid of! BUT YOU MADE ME DO THIS RAWWWWR HULK SMASH" Sam tries to tell him that everything is ok, and Joe's like "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know if it is." Sam wears the pants in this relationship. Then Sam continues to do her hair, Joe goes away. I'm so sick of these two.

Joshua offers Joe a hug, and then dries himself off from the pool like he's a five year old. Boogie boogie. Joe talks to Amber about how he just overthinks things a lot and that's why he's single at 29. Yes Joe, THAT'S why you're single.

A commercial for Hershey's Kisses! I want one!

Waves crash! Crabs! That one was pretty. Purple and yellow.

Mikey asks Jared if he's over Kaitlyn, and Jared says no, not fully. UH OH. ASHLEY what are you going to do?! Sadness. Sounds like Jared and Ashley are going to have a serious talk. What a bummer. He tells Ashley that he wants her to experience paradise, and she's not interested in that. She's here for him. Then it starts raining. OH NO. REAL LIFE. Jared is so sweet. Ashley says "Don't you think your mind is just not here?" What? Ok. Sure. He's still into Kaitlyn! Finally, Ashley's just like "...please go away. I can't talk to you anymore. Since I'm crying. I can't talk and cry. Go." SADFACE.

Lots of Ashley crying. Ouch. Then somehow Ashley calls Kaitlyn? What?


Joe sets up a birthday celebration for himself and Samantha. This is so sad. Then Joe asks if everything is ok, and Sam does that thing where it's like "oh this is so awkward for you, everything is over" but without saying anything. Then she starts talking and says that she's never had so many emotions in her life, and that he's a nice guy but there's too much drama so she's outtie 5000. (Or is it audi 5000? I just read a buzzfeed article about Clueless and now my whole life is turned upside down.) Even though it's HER fault that Joe looks so bad and there's all this drama. Anyway. They break up. And it's Joe's birthday. RIP RELATIONSHIP. Joe doesn't throw the cake. Oh well.

Sam tells the group that she and Joe broke up, and everyone is like "WELL THAT WAS QUICK." Whoops! Joe goes and talks to Joshua and tells him that he's totally going to take Sam down, because everything was her idea. HE HAS THE TEXT MESSAGES, GUYS. UH OH. He's going to show America what she did.

How will SAM ever live with herself after AMERICA knows?! How will the rest of the Bachelor in Paradise crew deal with it once they know about Sam's scheming and Joe's innocence?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON BACHELOR IN PARADISE.