Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Late Night Insecurities

Maybe I said something wrong
Maybe I said too many things right
Maybe I was an annoying drunk
Maybe I drank too much
Maybe he didn't like the way I tasted
Maybe he didn't like the way I moved 
Maybe I moved too much in my sleep
Maybe I stayed too close
Maybe I farted
Maybe I came off too stupid
Maybe I didn't use the right grammar in my texts
Maybe I'm boring
Maybe I was too insecure
Maybe I was too confident
Maybe I was too overdressed
Maybe I wasn't wearing enough makeup (I wasn't wearing any)
Maybe I talked about my friends too much
Maybe I talked about myself too much
Maybe I talked about the movies too much
Maybe I wasn't critical enough
Maybe I was too critical
Maybe I didn't ask the right questions
Maybe I asked too many questions 
Maybe I didn't ask enough questions
Maybe I just wasn't enough 

Maybe he's just busy