Monday, June 27, 2016

So Many Things

I can buy myself flowers. I can carry my own groceries. I can go see a show by myself. I can find my way home. I can hold my own door. I can hang my own pictures. 

I want to dance with you. I want to make dinners with you, take you to parties and laugh with you. I want to wake up next to you with a stupid grin on my face thinking of whatever crazy shenanigans we had gotten into the night before. Snuggle up with you while we think of what the day will entail.

I want you there to fight battles together. To be my partner in crime, to sneak into closed buildings for breathtaking city views. To be the backup for the riots we'll start. To make up outlandish suggestions for things that we would never do. To sing silly songs with while we make breakfast in a tiny kitchen. To laugh with when we go on a hike and my butt leaves a sweat mark when we stop to rest for too long. To send you things throughout the day just to let you know I'm thinking of you. To make stupid jokes with. To cry with when things in the news are awful. 

I don't need you there. But I want you.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Please Just Stop

Do you ever have that feeling where you just can't stop doing something? No matter how many times you tell yourself to stop, or don't do it, you still just keep doing it? I have that problem a lot.

My biggest memory of this is from when I went on an Alternative Spring Break trip to Israel in college. I had met this really great guy (it's always because of a guy, isn't it?) and we had completely hit it off. We lived across the country from each other, but we had talked about how we had such a connection that it didn't matter. We even discussed the dates we were going to go on when I came to visit him. He had my same sense of humor and a similar personality - another participant on the trip joked that we would get married and have dry, sarcastic, Jewish babies and it would be great!

Then, I got back from the trip and apparently went crazy. I texted him, emailed him, called him, and sent him a Facebook message without waiting for any sort of response. Sent him a few more messages...and then he finally responded. "I am overwhelmed by the amount of times and ways you have tried to contact me." Then something about how we should take a break from talking for awhile and how he wished me the best.

I remember getting that e-mail and feeling absolutely crushed. I probably knew that what I was doing was too much, but I was so excited and wanted to share things with him that I thought he would like that I just couldn't stop myself.

Well, I have the feeling I'm doing it again. There was someone that I was (finally) interested in, and it didn't work out. We decided we would be friends, but I have the feeling that I'm ruining it. Especially now, since there are so many more ways of contacting people - still the basic e-mail, Facebook, texting...but now there's also twitter, snapchat, and instagram. That's way too many ways to be contacted in one day. And I KNOW THAT. But I did it anyway.

This post is probably too much even, but whatever. I'm hoping that by writing this I'll finally chill out. I printed out a picture a few months ago that I have taped to my computer screen which says "Please just stop," since this seems to happen to me a lot. Hopefully it'll help.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Stuck in My Head

I try not to think about you.

But then you're standing there, next to me, close enough to touch, and it's enough to make me go crazy. 
Your shirt puckers just the tiniest bit and I can see your chest, and all I can think about is ripping it off you. 

Feeling your skin against my skin. 

Who needs clothes?
I want to stand facing you, looking at every inch of your body. And then touching every part of you. Running my hands over your shoulders, and down your back. Feeling your strong arms. Touching where your jeans usually are. Pulling your hips into mine...

Moving onto the bed, or a couch, or hell, even the floor. Moving together, in a way that we haven't yet. Fitting together like Lego pieces that might have even been glued, never coming apart. In more ways than one. 

I tell myself not to think about you. 

But I do. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Just Start Anywhere...

I want to know what makes you tick. What buttons to push to get what reaction, what makes you smile. Why you are the way you are, and your whole history.

I want to know what moment you would recreate if you had the chance, what day you look back on as a turning point in your life, what middle of the night realizations you had when you were trying to get sleep.

I want to know what kind of family vacations you went on, what you did to keep yourself occupied, if your parents ever had to separate you and the kid sitting next to you. 

I want to know if your mom ever forced you to be friends with someone you didn't want to just because they were in your class, planned a surprise party that was ruined by a kid who couldn't keep her mouth shut. 

I want to know what you're allergic to, how you decided you didn't like the foods you do, and which ones take you back to a time and place you only barely remember. 

I want to know where you want to visit, where you've been, your favorite places. Where you carved your name in the barely dry cement, where you got yelled at by a friends parent, where you were comforted after falling off your bike. If you had a bike. 

I want to know what songs you turn to when you're sad, or lonely, or happy, or need to celebrate something. What you listen to when you're trying to escape reality.

I want to know who broke your heart first, and whose heart you broke. Who gave you your first kiss, who taught you what you liked the most, who you told you loved but really just kept around out of convenience. 

I want to know where you would run if you had the chance to toss it all and start over. If you even would.

I want to know everything. I wonder if then that would be enough.

Monday, November 30, 2015

We All Have Our Secrets

You'll never know the strange noises I make while driving. 

How when I was younger I preferred my feet covered in socks over bare. How because of that, I fell on my hardwood floors and bruised my tailbone pretty badly. 

How I identify with the most random characters on tv shows. 

How I wanted to get highlights when I was in high school, that my hairstylist promised me I could have them for graduation but I never went back to her because I was scared. 

How I skinned my knee riding a scooter. How I fell off my bike riding down a hill. 

How I chose where I went to college based on someone I didn't want to date. 

How I watch a specific episode of Gilmore Girls when I'm feeling particularly lonely. 

How listening to a certain musical used to give me an insane amount of energy. 

How I felt comfortable being me until middle school, then found it again in high school. Barely. 

How I watch Love Actually in the summer, because I think it's funny to say "all I want for Christmas is you" when it's nowhere near the right season. 

How I had my first kiss at 12, but then again right before my 16th birthday. 

How my shoulders were my favorite part of my body. 

How I feel sexiest when I'm wearing nothing but a fluffy robe and underwear, with the lights dimmed. 

How I used to not feel shy about singing, but now I am. How I wouldn't mind singing for you. 

How I was heartbroken after a boy broke up with me after 17 days in middle school. How I thought that same boy had screamed out "I love you" only the day before. 

How I had a marriage pact, but he backed out because I was getting too old. How my grandpa laughed and said he couldn't marry me anyway. 

How my last boyfriend never said he loved me.  How the boyfriend before that used saying I love you as a weapon. 

How I think that one of the scenes in Kissing Jessica Stein is one of the sexiest I've ever seen. 

How creative I can get in the shower. And out. 

Well, I guess you kind of do now. 

Monday, November 23, 2015


I hate meditating.

When I try to concentrate on my thoughts, I just think how circular my life is. 

Oh look, it's fall again. Or winter? Who can tell with this LA weather. But it's apple baking season, the season of love, the season of sharing gloves and stolen looks and gifts for those you care about. Giving thanks that amazing people are in your life.

While I really do have some absolutely incredible people in my life, I'm alone. Sure, I have friends and family who love me, but I don't have anyone to drape my legs over while I waste time watching tv. No one to hold hands with as I do the most mundane of tasks. Missing the distraction while I bake cookies, sharing the batter to make sure it'll taste ok as we both worry about salmonella. No one to tell all the weird things I think about all day, or hear what they've thought about.

And it's fine. It's not like I'm searching for my other half, someone to complete me like I'm not a full person by myself. I am a person all on my own, and an awesome one at that. But it's hard when everywhere I look I see happy couples, love, romance, rings, hugs, kisses, or WHATEVER just in my face. 

On the other hand's not like I can give my heart away. It's already on loan at the moment, and I can't quite figure out how to get it back, regardless of how hard I try. I'm sure it'll come back eventually...I'm sure that's how it works. 

I'm sure....of nothing. 

Probably eventually I'll find clarity, or I'll lower my standards, or I'll figure out some secret of the universe that'll cause me to chill out (more?) and then everything will be great. 

But until then...give me all the Kit Kats.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts or Whatever

I already finished a carton of eggnog this season and I really want to buy another one SO I MIGHT JUST DO THAT...Next week.

You ever have a weird talent that you can't really share? Like one time I unbuttoned a guys pants with my toes, but that isn't really something I can brag about. Mostly.

Dreams suck sometimes. Last night I had a dream that I begged a guy I had a crush on to come to my birthday. Like, really subconscious? Really? Also in my dreams last night I had to verify that my fitbit was mine. And then I woke up and actually synced my fitbit with my phone. And was very confused as to why I was doing it because I literally hadn't taken any steps at all yet.

How is it possible that my jeans are still turning my hands blue after I've washed them three times? Maybe I'm just magical.


I always forget how much I like pears until I'm eating one.

If you put Steve Martin and Martin Short together you get Steve Martin Short. That could be a "before and after" puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.


My 28th year was kind of ridiculous in the amount of changes that were thrown my way slash that I facilitated. My grandpa got sick and peaced out. My mom was diagnosed with and beat leukemia. I quit a job that was causing me a crapton of stress and unhappiness. I had a roommate decide he didn't want to live in LA anymore and found a replacement roommate who ate all my ice cream and had to take action against that. I got another roommate who is totally awesome and causes me no stress! I broke up with my boyfriend of two and a half years in search of...a lot of different things. I passed up a job that could've been great and longterm but knew I wouldn't be happy there. I started a different  job that introduced me to someone awesome. I learned that I'm not actually dead inside and that is both fantastic and not so great. I have a new best friend and reconnected with some other friends. I RAN A HALF MARATHON.

I dunno, man. For the most part, things are cool. I miss my grandpa, because he was the one who was always telling me to stick up for myself and I feel like maybe I've started doing that. I share an office with some pretty cool cats. I don't feel like an asshole all the time anymore...only half the time now. I get a free pizza for my birthday. Which is great, because I LOVE pizza.

So, 28, thanks for the laughs. I think I'm ready for 29 and the good times it'll bring. IT BETTER BE GOOD TIMES OR SOMEONE WILL HAVE SOME 'SPLAININ TO DO!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

As If By Chance...

"It's over."

She took a deep breath that went nowhere, like she had been punched in the gut. She knew this was coming, and yet it still caught her off guard.

It had been doomed from the start. She met him in a coffee shop downtown, after deciding to venture to an area she hadn't explored before. A free afternoon, why not?

He was sitting at one of those high tables, usually reserved for people writing their screenplays on their laptops. He only had a drink and his iPad, pretending to read but really observing those around him.

He wasn't waiting for her but she sat down anyway. It didn't take long for her to become smitten. They had a quick conversation, and then she got out of there. She had a habit of putting her foot in her mouth if she talked for too long.

"I think I met someone," she texted her roommate as she walked back to the subway. "Also, he's really cute."


It was never planned, yet somehow they kept running into each other. The ice cream truck. The parking lot. The cupcake truck. The elevator. They seemed to bond over their love of sweets, and their dry wit. Never having time for more than a short conversation, they had to get to know each other in bursts. Exchanging cute pleasantries. "Fancy meeting you here." "A pleasure running into you again."

Finally, on one day out by the longest line they had ever seen, she asked what he was doing that weekend.

"Laundry. And probably hanging out with my girlfriend on Sunday."

Oh. So. Oh.


She threw herself into the online dating scene. Meeting guy after guy, hoping that she'd find someone who would pique her interest as much as he had. Instead, she met guys who offered to give up their religion for her on their first date. Guys who offered to give her a ride to the airport without knowing her last name. Guys who said "I'll miss you," after their third date. Guys who said "my parents are in town this weekend, I'd love for you to meet them." She kept trying.

Another pizza date. He struggled to ask her about herself, instead telling story after story about himself and his friends that she didn't know, but she didn't care. She didn't have much to say. She was too busy thinking of him.


They continued to run into each other, eventually making plans to get lunch. They found out they were reading the same book. He was about to finish the book, it was taking her a little longer to get through it. She suggested some other books for him to check out that she thought he would like, not expecting him to look them up.

They met up for ice cream, and he told her he had started a book she suggested. Secretly pleased, they switched topics to television. Turns out they were watching the same show, again with him close to finishing, her a little behind. She took a chance and invited him to come watch the end with her. "I can do that."


They ordered pizza. Made cookies. Watched tv and movies. Drank whiskey. Talked about light things, foods they liked, places they went shopping, concerts they had gone to. What had inspired their first email addresses. Their siblings, their parents, where their next vacations were planned. Time passed easily.

As she walked him to the door, she wrestled with what to say. "I wish I was yours." "I know."


She again tried to distract herself. Went to a party. Went to a lot of parties. Went to a bar. Went somewhere far away. Rekindled a romance that had never fully played itself out, invited him to share her hotel room. It just gave her more clarity. She didn't want this. She wanted him. "I really like him. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it."


(For an alternate ending, see below)

She threw herself into making plans with friends, spending time with family, working. Redecorating her apartment. Going to the gym. Anything to distract her. She tried to talk to him less. It didn't work, she knew it had to be all or nothing. She asked if they could meet up. They went to the coffee shop where they had first met. Came to an agreement. Decided it was better for both of them.

"Is there a way to un-meet someone?" she texted her roommate as she hopped back on the subway.



She threw herself into making plans with friends, spending time with family, working. Redecorating her apartment. Going to the gym. Anything to distract her. She tried to talk to him less. It didn't work. So she worked out a way to get closer to him. Found out where he lived. Followed him on his weekly hikes. He didn't leave the apartment much, outside of working, so she sat in the bushes, just waiting for him to come out. Tried to look inconspicuous.

And then she found her opportunity. He ordered from the corner Thai place, just like he did every Tuesday. She managed to talk the Thai delivery guy into letting her deliver it - he was just a teen and couldn't have cared less. She took the food up to his apartment, and he was shocked to see her there. He invited her in, confused. "I was in the area, thought I'd stop by and see what you were up to." They sat for a little while, her watching him eat. She asked if he had plans that night. He hadn't. He seemed a little on edge. Or maybe her energy was rubbing off on him. She was almost electric, knowing what was coming. He asked if she was ok, offered her a glass of whiskey. She asked if she could get a glass of water from the kitchen. He pointed the way, and she went.

They continued having a mundane conversation, her asking about his apartment. She asked if she could see the fire escape. She had always been fascinated by these old buildings with fire escapes, and here was one up close. They went out and stood there, taking in the cool air that was finally here. "Summer sure did take it's sweet time, didn't it?" She leaned over the edge, breathing in. He was standing further away than she would've liked. "Come join me," she beckoned. He started leaning next to her, trying to imitate her body language. "You know, I never thought I'd get a chance to be here with you," she started. "I've imagined it at least a million times. My imagination doesn't even compare to the real thing." He leaned in, and whispered "I'm happy you're here." She did a quick giggle, completely out of character for her. "Sorry," she said. "Nerves." He didn't mind. They both stood up, trying to move closer to each other. But he stood up too quickly and lost his balance. He was holding on to the edge of the fire escape, and she couldn't believe her luck. She grabbed his hands, and quietly whispered, "I'm sorry. But if I can't have you, no one can." His hands were losing grip, and then all at once they completely slipped. His eyes widened as he fell to his death. She began to cry softly, mourning what would never be. And then, as if a stroke of genius hit her, she jumped over the edge too, so they could be together forever.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

COLD HARD FACTS - Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 Night 1

What happened when we last left Paradise? I don't even remember. Joe and JJ were going to fight. Oh snap.

CAUTION: CRABS EVERYWHERE. They're so creepy. Look at their eyes. Girls scream. More crabs.

Chris Harrison reading his own book and Jorge the bartender!

Ok, back to real life. JJ is mad at Joe, and Jared's just like "dude. chill." Tenley comes to check out what's going on. We rehash what's been going on the last couple episodes about Joe and Sam and the deception of Juelia. "Hey Joseph. OR WHAT"


Joe is venting to Jorge. Joe reminds everyone about how Sam and Joe talked before the show.

JJ offers to give Juelia his rose and she says no. That's so nice! He's really trying to redeem his image. Good job, yo.


Joe and Sam are talking about how everything with them was figured out before the show. Joe's worried that everyone keeps talking to him about it and just wants it to be over, and Sam's tells him he needs to relax and that she doesn't care what anybody else thinks. They're in looooooove. And it'll work out. PARADISE! Sam says not to worry about it. And then she kisses him but makes the "MWAH" sound and that sounds real fake. COOL. Joe's like "damn, I like you so much." Sam giggles. 

Cocktail party! Kirk is wearing suspenders and that's super adorable.

Chris Harrison! Three women are going home tonight.

Joe and Samantha try to smooth over what's happening but they have contradictory stories and they're not telling the whole truth. Everyone can see through their lies! Juelia asks Joe if his plan was to come here and deceive her just to get to Sam, and Sam interrupts and is like "I think...I think..." And then Clare is like "STOP TALKING AND LET JUELIA FINISH." Clare is over your shit, Sam. "Supposably she's your friend so like...what's the deal?" Tanner's like "Can you guys just admit that you talked before you got here so we can all forget about this?" And Sam says "Nope. I'm not going to admit that because it didn't happen." COME ON ALREADY.

Tanner's like "I'm out dudes. I'm done with this convo." And then a bunch of other people follow. And then they go and continue the conversation, just in a different location. "I would love to admit that, but I only admit the truth. YOU DON'T KNOW ME" ok Sam, we get it. You're like the magical sitar from Moulin Rouge, only broken.

Ashley I and Jared go talk. She super wants him to kiss her. They sit there awkwardly, and I'm like "I totes know that feel bro." Ashley's like YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY WHY CAN'T WE MAKE OUT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOREVVVVVER. I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU" And he's like "ok fine I guess I can kiss you after you tell me you have a crush on me." He really had to psych himself up for the kiss. 

Going into the rose ceremony, these are the people who are up in the air:
Ashley S

Tenley goes to try and campaign for JJ to give his rose to Juelia. No one knows that he already offered it to her and she said no! Megan tells JJ that she had a great time on their date. JJ told Tenley that Megan doesn't seem like she wants to kiss him! OH NOES.

Juelia doesn't want a sympathy rose, so she goes to talk to Chris and tells him how she feels played by Joe. She said that if she had known what was going to happen with Joe, she would have given her rose to Mikey. She tells Chris that it would be GREAT if Mikey could come back so he could have another chance in Paradise, with her. Chris says that what she's asking is unprecedented. SO I GUESS WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!


Tenley says this could be one of the most dramatic rose ceremonies of Paradise, and we're all wondering why she stole Chris Harrison's line.


Joshua picks...Tenley. Who looks really pretty in a black and white dress!
Jared picks...Ashley I.
Kirk picks...Carly! DUH. SO CUTE.
Tanner picks...Jade.
JJ picks...Ashley S. Who is like "what? I'm not accepting that. No. Ok. No. Ok. Thank you." And then JJ gives a war hero speech because he's in love with someone at home! He talks about how he didn't think he could feel anything, how his insides were calcified, and his heart was frozen and cold. Ouch. That sucks. And he's outta here! JJ we love you! You're a hero! Good job! I hope she still likes him.

Joe picks...Samantha. Duh. Ugh.
Dan picks...a few minutes to talk to Carly. Chris comes and tells them it's time, so Dan picks.....Amber! He goes for love!

Bye Clare. Bye Megan. Bye Juelia. Wait! Hello...Mikey?! Mikey's back! And Juelia gets to stay! This place is crazy.

Joe sees Mikey and he just looks VERY worried. Montage of everyone else saying "I'm so glad you're back." Joe says in his interview "I think Juelia being back here is great." Producer says "Your face doesn't look happy." Joe says "My face never looks happy." RUH ROH. DRAMATIC MUSIC. Sam's like "I'm over it. Never dealt with this much drama in my entire life." Newsflash: you're the reason it's happening, Sam!

Everyone is like "ugh ok time to go to bed." And then a date card arrives! Tanner! Tanner and Jade are going on a date to Tequila! They then hack at an agave plant to help with making tequila! 

Jorge tells Joe that Sam totally likes him because of the smile that she has on her face. We all vomit. Sam tells us that she's definitely still into Joe. And that she's here for him.

OH NO SOMEONE NEW IS HERE. It's Nick from Ashley's season. Chris gives him a date card! Nick says "love and drama down here?" And Chris says "drama, right that way!" Aw Chris, come on, there's SOME love down there. Just not surrounding Sam. Or Joe.

Nick introduces himself to everyone, then reads his date card. He asks Samantha! WHAT! Joe is freaking out. Nick and Samantha talk. Joe looks very very worried, and everyone is quite excited at the prospect of Sam dumping Joe just like he did to Juelia. But after they talk, Sam comes back and says that they are not going on the date. OH SNAP. Nick is shocked, because apparently they had ALSO talked before coming to Paradise, and she told him she'd say yes. He did ask for drama!

Mikey asks Nick why he wanted to go with Sam, and Nick tells Mikey that he and Sam had been talking for a few months, that they had seen each other when he came to LA, and they had just been in contact. WHAT. DRAMA. SAM. Why are you talking to everyone?! I mean, I guess that's fine. Do what you want. But don't lead everyone on! Mikey gives Nick the rundown of what all has happened with the Sam and Joe saga. So now Nick has to figure out what he's going to do!

Nick decides to ask Ashley S! She says yes. They're going to a private island! They can't go to the island because of  a hurricane. So now Ashley and Nick are going to have to figure something else out!

Back to Jade and Tanner's date. They're drinking tequila. And now they get a card that says "Here's your fantasy suite! ENJOY SEXY TIME LOVE, CHRIS" So they head to the hotel!

Big crab thing! And a pelican! Or some other bird. YOU GUYS I STILL HAVEN'T LEARNED WHAT ANIMALS ARE.

Back to Nick and Ashley's date. Where they cheers at least six times. So much tequila! They're drunk. "It's five o'clock, I guess, all the time." says Ashley. And now they're getting a massage! Together but separate. Yeah, oil them bodies up. There's a bird in the tree and it starts talking to Ashley! The bird is telling her to put her hand on his bulge. Which they keep showing us. A lot. So now Ashley and Nick are making out! They're oily. And kissing. Now they're in a hot tub. Drinking more. Ashley and Nick are both super drunk. More kissing. Ashley falls down a little bit. Ashley comes up with a toast where she says "Cheers to the fact that I will always be here as a sister for you." WHAT. Nick is like, uh, that's weird because we kissed. Cheers to I like you, how about that? Ashley's like..."I wouldn't kiss a sister. I don't even have a sister." It's basically an amazing conversation and I'm sure everyone is so happy it's filmed so we can relive that glorious moment over and over. CHEERS.

Jade and Tanner and have a SERIOUS TALK about their future. Tanner is falling for Jade. He wants Jade to be his girlfriend! And she's like "what are you afraid I'm going to do to you?" Which is a valid question. He's worried that he's going to leave sad, but in love with her, and he doesn't know what's going to happen. First she doesn't say anything other than "I get it." Then after a little while, she opens up too! She reassures him that she's right there with him and she feels the same way. Yay! Another Kirk and Carly in the making! Super cute. And they're officially boyfriend and girlfriend. ANOTHER COUPLE. HURRAY. OK CAMERAS GET OUT OF THE ROOM SO THEY CAN MAKE SOME WHOOPIE.


Ashley and Nick are looking for water. They're a leeeeettle bit hungover, perhaps from all the tequila they drank? Who knows though.

Joe and Sam are hanging out on a lounge chair. Joe tells her that he might have something special planned for her. It's his birthday!! He thinks things are going well with her, so he decides to stir the pot and asks if there's anyone that she wants to go on a date with besides him. She says no, but is not quite convincing. Now he's questioning everything, asking her "why me?" Ughhhhh Joe. Now he's worried because there's something on her mind and he's like, just tell me! And she says "I've been honest with everything I've said." UGHHHHHHH. Sam goes upstairs to shower and do her hair, and Joe follows her up there. Like a puppy. Shoo, Joe. Sam says she's not sure what to make of everything with him being made out not to be a good person, and Joe's like "that's what I was afraid of! BUT YOU MADE ME DO THIS RAWWWWR HULK SMASH" Sam tries to tell him that everything is ok, and Joe's like "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know if it is." Sam wears the pants in this relationship. Then Sam continues to do her hair, Joe goes away. I'm so sick of these two.

Joshua offers Joe a hug, and then dries himself off from the pool like he's a five year old. Boogie boogie. Joe talks to Amber about how he just overthinks things a lot and that's why he's single at 29. Yes Joe, THAT'S why you're single.

A commercial for Hershey's Kisses! I want one!

Waves crash! Crabs! That one was pretty. Purple and yellow.

Mikey asks Jared if he's over Kaitlyn, and Jared says no, not fully. UH OH. ASHLEY what are you going to do?! Sadness. Sounds like Jared and Ashley are going to have a serious talk. What a bummer. He tells Ashley that he wants her to experience paradise, and she's not interested in that. She's here for him. Then it starts raining. OH NO. REAL LIFE. Jared is so sweet. Ashley says "Don't you think your mind is just not here?" What? Ok. Sure. He's still into Kaitlyn! Finally, Ashley's just like "...please go away. I can't talk to you anymore. Since I'm crying. I can't talk and cry. Go." SADFACE.

Lots of Ashley crying. Ouch. Then somehow Ashley calls Kaitlyn? What?


Joe sets up a birthday celebration for himself and Samantha. This is so sad. Then Joe asks if everything is ok, and Sam does that thing where it's like "oh this is so awkward for you, everything is over" but without saying anything. Then she starts talking and says that she's never had so many emotions in her life, and that he's a nice guy but there's too much drama so she's outtie 5000. (Or is it audi 5000? I just read a buzzfeed article about Clueless and now my whole life is turned upside down.) Even though it's HER fault that Joe looks so bad and there's all this drama. Anyway. They break up. And it's Joe's birthday. RIP RELATIONSHIP. Joe doesn't throw the cake. Oh well.

Sam tells the group that she and Joe broke up, and everyone is like "WELL THAT WAS QUICK." Whoops! Joe goes and talks to Joshua and tells him that he's totally going to take Sam down, because everything was her idea. HE HAS THE TEXT MESSAGES, GUYS. UH OH. He's going to show America what she did.

How will SAM ever live with herself after AMERICA knows?! How will the rest of the Bachelor in Paradise crew deal with it once they know about Sam's scheming and Joe's innocence?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON BACHELOR IN PARADISE.

Monday, August 24, 2015

JOE IS STILL THE WORST - Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Night 2



Juelia, Jade, and Samantha sit down to have a conversation about how shady Joe is. Jade says that Joe didn't give Juelia the respect she deserves, and that they don't want Sam to get disrespected. Because that's what friends DO. They look out for each other and make sure the dudes they're with aren't dickbags. Juelia starts giving Samantha the rundown of what happened, and Samantha stops her midway through and says "wait, hold up. I think Joe should be here so he can defend himself." Which. What. No. I would trust my friend over some dude. Samantha, come on. Also, Samantha looks like she's on something in her interview. So she's probably cracked out.

"Everything is fine. Nothing's weird." - tales from a delusional sociopath's scheming girlfriend, Samantha

BIG LIZARD! It eats a plant.

Juelia talks to Clare and Ashley I about how Samantha took hearing about Joe. Juelia tells them and they're like "WHAT! GIRLFREEEEN'! She's trippin." Clare says "With friends like that, you don't need enemies" and now I'm wondering who gave Clare books?

Joe and Samantha are now talking about what Juelia said. Joe says that he only wanted to pursue Samantha, and now he's making out with her cheek? I don't get it.

Jared and Tanner talk about how Joe was a saint on Kaitlyn's season, and how he was the best, and now he's turned into Public Enemy Number One. Tanner tells Jared that they're both in on it, and Jared's like "yeah, that's how it looks." Tanner corrects him and says "NO! They ARE both in on it. I've seen the screenshots!" Tanner says that Sam sent Joe a text saying "Do whatever it takes to stay until I arrive." SO basically they're scamming the show. How did the producers not know about this beforehand? RATINGS. Tanner didn't want to intervene but was thinking that maybe Joe isn't a sociopath and had developed real feelings for Juelia buuuuut NOPE.

Jared and Tanner go tell Joe that he needs to tell everyone that he talked to Sam before the show and that they know he lied to Jared's face. Joe says "no, you asked if I had ever met her."  Sure Joe. Whatever you need to tell yourself to make you believe your lies. Samantha then kicks everyone out, and tells Joe what she said in her interview, and now what he should say in the interview when they ask him about talking to her to make sure they've got their stories straight. He's like "I already answered their questions, so...." and she's like DAMMIT JOE YOU'RE AN IDIOT. These guys are real on top of their intelligent game, they're totally going to win Paradise. OH WAIT. And Samantha shuts the door on the camera guy.

Dan and Ashley broke up, which is very sad. 

AMBER shows up! She was from Chris's season. She's here to meet Dan! Ashley S is super excited to see Amber, and she says that seeing Amber "lit her face up." Amber comes in with a date card (of course), and she asks Dan. Dan says that he wants to go, but he wants to talk to her first. Ashley S comes into her interview and is really sad, but then smiles. She loves Amber! But she's sad! Because she loves Dan! Love triangle even though Dan and Ashley broke up? Maybe not. I don't know shapes.

Dan tells Amber that he and Ashley S were together but they kind of broke up, so he wants to talk to Ashley before he says yes. He then pulls Ashley aside, and she is not happy about it. She's bummed because he's been avoiding her all day, instead of coming to talk to her and saying that he wasn't interested anymore. But he's NOT not interested, he's just trying to figure out his feelings! And now Amber is here, and he's going to try that out with her. PARADISE! Sexy times?

They're reminding us of the couples in the house now:
Jade and Tanner
Kirk and Carly
Tenley and Joshua
Ashley I and Jared, I guess. Ashley says "you look really hot right now, so I'm going to run away." That's life guys!

JJ and Megan are on their date! Megan asks JJ if this is the first time he's been to Mexico. He says that he's been to Cabo for spring break. And then he asks if Megan has been to Mexico, and she says no, and then he's like "Oh wait, you went to Albuquerque that one time!" And she laughs and doesn't understand that he's making fun of her. (On Chris's season she thought New Mexico was part of Mexico. "I've never left the country before!" or something like that. BRAINS) They jump in the ocean and she says "This is the quickest I've ever been wet on a first date." HEY-O. JJ says that he enjoys her beautiful blue eyes, and her other assets. Camera zooms to her boobs. Thanks for helping us out with that one, we weren't sure what he was talking about.


Dan and Amber leave on their date! Juelia and Ashley S cuddle. Ashley cries. Joe and Samantha are sitting on the floor like Ashley I did when she peed in the ocean. Gross. Ashley S and Juelia are in love. Friends. Ashley goes to play with the birds! And she flirts with them. Cute. Everyone is worried about her because she's brought back her crazy. That's what happens when you break up. Or is it?

Amber and Dan are on their date. Creepy strangers follow them and say "KISS! KISS! KISS!" So they do. And then the strangers yell "AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!" So they do. Again. Fireworks! Literally, in the sky. And in the air? They get to dinner. Dan tells Amber that there was something between him and Ashley and there wasn't something that he could see with her outside of Paradise. Then Dan and Amber kiss again. Then Dan says "I don't know what kind of future we have, buuuuuuuut we're having fun!"

Tanner is getting real serious about the fact that Joe lied straight to Jared's face about talking to Samantha before Paradise. Tanner and Jared are filling JJ in after his date with Megan so he can get up to date on all the DRAMA! Because what is Paradise if someone is left out from everything? JJ calls him the Vil of the Vils. OH SNAP. When JJ thinks you've done something's like...ouch. JJ thinks Joe should give away his rose to someone who deserves to stay and that Joe and Sam should just run away to a hotel somewhere. DO IT. GET OUT OF MY FACE HOLES.

JJ goes to confront Joe, and Joe is like STOP TALKING TO ME ABOUT THIS SHIT. Joe says "that's between myself and whoever decides me." JJ looks understandably confused because Joe, what the heck did you just say? JJ asks if he was here for one person, and Joe says "No, I was just here for Samantha." And again everyone is confused. Now Joe is justifying his terrible treatment of Juelia. UGH. JOE. 

Joe then insults JJ. Jared reminds Joe that he had lied straight to his face. Joe is like "whatEVER guys. Leave me alone! UGH." Joe and JJ get into semantics about what he said. JJ compares Joe to his little brother and the shit that he pulls. Joe compares JJ to his sister and says she's way more intelligent than he is. JJ calls Joe a circular reference and YES WE GET IT LET'S MOVE ON SOMEONE JUST PLEASE PUNCH JOE ALREADY. Joe tries to say that what he did is the same as what Jared did and it's like HOW DARE YOU. Jared is a good guy, not a scumbag like YOU.

Jared asks the question we've all been wondering: "What planet am I on, where I would have came into paradise thinking I like JJ better than Joe right now?" Sounds like we all need therapy.

Joe and JJ get in each other's faces! DRAMATIC MUSIC! OH NO. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Nope. Joe walks away. Dammit. JJ, you were so close. JJ yells from Joe to come back so they can duke it out like real men. Joe just looks dumb. JJ says he wants to make Joe look like the hillbilly he is and give him four missing teeth. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!!!!!!!????