Thursday, December 22, 2011


Sometimes I think about how people can have long conversations for hours and still not cover everything they want to talk about. And then that makes me think about how people can't watch ALL the movies or read ALL the books. And that sucks. Because everything deserves watching (except probably From Justin to Kelly, which, if you haven't seen, don't watch it. Just listen to Kelly's CD instead. Way better use of time.) But I want to read all the books. Well, probably not all of them, because I get bored easily. But there are a lot of books I want to read and movies I want to see but I can't because there isn't enough time for that to happen! Even if I quit my job and just devoted all my time to watching movies and reading books I wouldn't finish. Because there are always more. And there are lots of conversations I want to have. Also I would run out of money because I'd only be watching movies and reading books. And as far as I know that isn't a job I can have without doing some sort of analysis on what I'm watching/reading.

Has anyone figured out how to simultaneously have a conversation, read a book, and watch a movie? I doubt it, and if you did, you're still missing so much! NOT ENOUGH TIME!

Just a thought for today.

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