Tuesday, October 22, 2013


You guys I know you're all wondering what to get me for my birthday (NOVEMBER 21ST, don't forget or I'll cry even more than I have been recently - MAYBE I'M A CRYBABY, I'LL ADD TISSUES TO THE LIST) so I decided to make a list to make it easy. I know, I'm like the best friend ever, no big deal. Anyway, let me know if you think you'll get any of these for me because I want to make sure that I don't get two of something - no need to be greedy or whatever.


- new iphone 5s in silver (because gold is for crazy people)
- new macbook (13" is fine, no need to be all crazy and get a macbook pro again - even though I DO watch all my tv on my laptop)
- donations towards my new home fund
- donations towards my new bakery (although let's be real, I haven't baked anything since August so maybe just place some cookie orders?!)
- gym membership (never giving up on the dream of bikini bod 2013)
- tissues

I know you're all like, money conscious (or whatever, ugh) so if two or three of you want to go in on one thing that would be totes fine with me. I'm not picky. I just WANT all this stuff! So make it happen. Please and thank you.

You're all beautiful and I love you! Most of the time.

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