Thursday, October 2, 2014

my daily struggles

should I eat those powerberries
should I get froyo for lunch
I want pizza
ooh maybe Indian food
why is it so cold in my office
I'm so thirsty
I want ice cream
I have to pee
would it look weird if I started doing squats or pushups right now
I have to pee again
why isn't there ice cream here
I want something sweet
there's nothing in the kitchen to eat
I don't know what show to watch next
should I catch up on my feed reader or watch a show
should I watch a show or read another few chapters in my book
I have to pee
why did that cashew taste like a peanut
I'm tired
I'm hungry
what should I do for lunch
don't call anyone a fuckhead even though you're thinking it
how are people so stupid
murder is wrong
ugh I ate too much chocolate

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