Thursday, November 6, 2014

What if Scott Foley Was My Boyfriend?

So, I had a pretty awesome dream last night.

I was at Chris Hardwick's house with my parents and they wanted to know where he got his lox from, and he said he defrosted it from Costco and they were very impressed. So then I left with my parents, and then realized I had left something at Chris's house. So then when I realized that, I called my friends Susie and Caitlin and they drove me over there, while I texted Chris and told him I was coming back, a text message which he didn't answer (rude!). Then when we got there and were looking around for my things, we found all the doors to all the rooms closed with the lights off. So Caitlin, Susie, and I are hanging out waiting for Chris to come back so I could find my stuff. Then somehow I couldn't figure out how my shirt worked (it was like an infinity scarf I guess?) and I was trying to figure out how to get it to work when Scott Foley showed up. He was like "what are you guys doing here?" And I told him I had left my stuff and I was waiting for Chris to show up so I could get it back, and he was like "a shit ton of people are about to show up for this Nerdist podcast listening party!" So he just has Caitlin and Susie hide in another room and I sit next to him on the couch while we wait for everyone to show up. And then all these celebrities are there and they all know each other. Scott Foley (who looks more like Felicity-era than Scandal age, and also somehow I know everyone calls him Chuckles and he participates in the podcast even though that's a secret) looks at me and says something like "Didn't you wear those pants to brunch? I would have told you to change before this. Why didn't you call me to let you in?" And I said "because we don't have each other's numbers!" And then he looked through his phone and was like "oh my gosh! You're right! I'm so sorry!" But not in a sarcastic way. And then he put his arm around me and then I woke up.

I mean, I had a dream about Scott Foley. My day couldn't get any better than that. Mmm.

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