Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts or Whatever

I already finished a carton of eggnog this season and I really want to buy another one SO I MIGHT JUST DO THAT...Next week.

You ever have a weird talent that you can't really share? Like one time I unbuttoned a guys pants with my toes, but that isn't really something I can brag about. Mostly.

Dreams suck sometimes. Last night I had a dream that I begged a guy I had a crush on to come to my birthday. Like, really subconscious? Really? Also in my dreams last night I had to verify that my fitbit was mine. And then I woke up and actually synced my fitbit with my phone. And was very confused as to why I was doing it because I literally hadn't taken any steps at all yet.

How is it possible that my jeans are still turning my hands blue after I've washed them three times? Maybe I'm just magical.


I always forget how much I like pears until I'm eating one.

If you put Steve Martin and Martin Short together you get Steve Martin Short. That could be a "before and after" puzzle on Wheel of Fortune.


My 28th year was kind of ridiculous in the amount of changes that were thrown my way slash that I facilitated. My grandpa got sick and peaced out. My mom was diagnosed with and beat leukemia. I quit a job that was causing me a crapton of stress and unhappiness. I had a roommate decide he didn't want to live in LA anymore and found a replacement roommate who ate all my ice cream and had to take action against that. I got another roommate who is totally awesome and causes me no stress! I broke up with my boyfriend of two and a half years in search of...a lot of different things. I passed up a job that could've been great and longterm but knew I wouldn't be happy there. I started a different  job that introduced me to someone awesome. I learned that I'm not actually dead inside and that is both fantastic and not so great. I have a new best friend and reconnected with some other friends. I RAN A HALF MARATHON.

I dunno, man. For the most part, things are cool. I miss my grandpa, because he was the one who was always telling me to stick up for myself and I feel like maybe I've started doing that. I share an office with some pretty cool cats. I don't feel like an asshole all the time anymore...only half the time now. I get a free pizza for my birthday. Which is great, because I LOVE pizza.

So, 28, thanks for the laughs. I think I'm ready for 29 and the good times it'll bring. IT BETTER BE GOOD TIMES OR SOMEONE WILL HAVE SOME 'SPLAININ TO DO!

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