Monday, November 30, 2015

We All Have Our Secrets

You'll never know the strange noises I make while driving. 

How when I was younger I preferred my feet covered in socks over bare. How because of that, I fell on my hardwood floors and bruised my tailbone pretty badly. 

How I identify with the most random characters on tv shows. 

How I wanted to get highlights when I was in high school, that my hairstylist promised me I could have them for graduation but I never went back to her because I was scared. 

How I skinned my knee riding a scooter. How I fell off my bike riding down a hill. 

How I chose where I went to college based on someone I didn't want to date. 

How I watch a specific episode of Gilmore Girls when I'm feeling particularly lonely. 

How listening to a certain musical used to give me an insane amount of energy. 

How I felt comfortable being me until middle school, then found it again in high school. Barely. 

How I watch Love Actually in the summer, because I think it's funny to say "all I want for Christmas is you" when it's nowhere near the right season. 

How I had my first kiss at 12, but then again right before my 16th birthday. 

How my shoulders were my favorite part of my body. 

How I feel sexiest when I'm wearing nothing but a fluffy robe and underwear, with the lights dimmed. 

How I used to not feel shy about singing, but now I am. How I wouldn't mind singing for you. 

How I was heartbroken after a boy broke up with me after 17 days in middle school. How I thought that same boy had screamed out "I love you" only the day before. 

How I had a marriage pact, but he backed out because I was getting too old. How my grandpa laughed and said he couldn't marry me anyway. 

How my last boyfriend never said he loved me.  How the boyfriend before that used saying I love you as a weapon. 

How I think that one of the scenes in Kissing Jessica Stein is one of the sexiest I've ever seen. 

How creative I can get in the shower. And out. 

Well, I guess you kind of do now. 

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