Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the old noggin...

In trying to figure out what to post about this evening, I realized I was trying to force something just for the sake of....whatever. I lost my train of thought. Awesome, I love when that happens. So here's a list of things that are on my mind at the moment:

1) I watch wayyyyy too much TV. So much so that I made an excel spreadsheet so I could keep track of the shows I watch. Yes! Dedication! Also, if the list of shows you watch is over the number of fingers on your hand(s), you know you watch too much! I am going to refrain from telling you my number because it's RIDICULOUS. And let me tell you, I am suuuuuper behind. I feel like trying to catch up would take months. It probably will. Because it's almost like a second job. Or a sickness. Yeah, definitely a sickness. I should probably get help, but I don't have time because of all the shows I watch. Yeah...

2) Everybody is KILLING IT on Facebook these days. People getting engaged, or married, or having babies, or starting businesses, or getting jobs that they've been dreaming about since they were still in the womb. That's awesome. GOOD FOR YOU. I'm thrilled that your lives are taking off while I still cuddle with my stuffed animal Pigglywinks every night and have very little direction otherwise. But whatever, Pigglywinks will be with me forever! Commitment! It's a thing! Whatever, sometimes I like to cuddle. And I've got a cool job right now, too! So THERE. Suck it. Wait...Anyway, good job people of the world. High fives for everyone.

3) I joined a gym! Hurray fitness! I am TOTALLY going to be bikini ready by 2013. Seriously, that's what I told them my goal was and they were all "Oh yeah, that's definitely doable!" And in my head I was thinking "uh, if it's not doable that's really freaking pathetic since this summer is barely over!" Anyway. Getting in shape! Being healthy! Great!

4) INTERNET DATING IS STILL DUMB. That's all I have to say on that right now. (But seriously, it's dumb. For realz.)

Ok well I guessssssss that's all that's on my mind right about now. So if you'll excuse me I am going to go eat a big bowl of ice cream while I think about my personal training session I'm having tomorrow, and then I'm going to cuddle with Pigglywinks. (Minus the bowl of ice cream. BIKINI 2013 HERE I COME!)

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