Friday, September 28, 2012

Love and AIDS

What are the chances that I would find both of these things today? Crazy! Love it. True life...

To you, with you...Let's just make out, man. Or go on a date. That'd be cool too.

If someone filled this out and gave it to me I would probably die of happiness slash embarrassment slash feeling feelings which would be SUPER WEIRD because I DON'T FEEL THINGS. What?

Also, happy birthday to Hilary Duff yesterday who apparently just turned 25 and is married with a child and although she was a child star has not gotten into any trouble with the law. Amazing! Take that Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan!

When I was younger people thought I was Lindsay (during the Parent Trap era). A few people were like OMG ARE YOU LINDSAY LOHAN?! And because I thought they were kidding I was all "yes, yes I am." And then they were like YOU WERE IN A MOVIE. And I was all "yes, yes I was." And then they would walk away. One time a girl asked me for my autograph and I was like "Oh I'm sorry I can't."

Which reminds me of New Years last year when this guy was trying to midnight mouth rape my friend Amanda and me while we were in Vegas (yeah ok, I get it, you want someone to kiss at midnight to start the new year off right but seriously, ew) and at first I was nice and said we couldn't because we had boyfriends, but he was PERSISTENT. So then I was like "Look I'm sorry we can't kiss you but we have AIDS." And then we walked away from him but he kept following us. Obviously the dude wanted AIDS.

Happy Carmageddon II!

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