Sunday, September 23, 2012


I want to weird you out.

I want to change my clothes from my normal patterns. No jeans, no t-shirt, no sweater. I want to start wearing dresses just to see what you'd say. Do my hair in ribbons and curls. Paint my face with the colors of the wardrobe I'll put away.

I want to tease you with my brain, just like you tease me with yours. I want to watch your face change with the words I've chosen to tantalize your thoughts. I want you to think about me. Think of no one else for awhile.

I want to listen to your past, and have you listen to mine. I want to know how you came to be like this. How you think, how you feel. Where your brain goes when you're not paying attention. What you listen to when you're having a bad day. What makes you breathless.

I want to spend time with you, away from here, from the prying eyes of the public who don't know what things are unless they're spelled out. Go somewhere and have a beer with you, let our words and thoughts play together. Maybe our fingers.

I want you to want these things too.

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