Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Babies Influencing Babies

I had a conversation with my Grandpa the other day, and he told me in the beginning I didn't like to read. Hearing that I could hardly believe it, but he was there, so it must be true. He told me that I came home from school and I didn't like reading because it was too hard. And then the next day I was reading books so quickly and he didn't understand what exactly had changed.

I was thinking about this today, and I just had a flashback. I was in kindergarten and one of the boys in my class was reading a big book. Not a big book meaning a book large in size, but a big kids book, or maybe even an adult book. I have a feeling it was Jurassic Park, although I'm not sure why. And thinking about this makes me wonder if I started reading more because I wanted to be more like that boy in my class. I wonder if my action was taken because I wanted to read bigger books like that boy because I wanted him to like me.

I can't even remember who the boy was.

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