Monday, October 29, 2012

So that's cool.

I've kind of been in a very weird mood lately, possibly due to some time I spent with my grandparents recently. Things got kind of serious at dinner the other night, with my Grandpa talking about how no one thinks about the people who are affected by war because they live there, to my Grandma showing me a book that they couldn't decide if they wanted to get for me or for my cousin (the book is called "How to Marry a Jewish Doctor" - REALLY?!). Then my Grandma was asking me about single events that I could take my brother to (uh, hello, he's been single for FIVE MINUTES, I don't think he needs to meet someone quite yet) and then she moved on to questions about what kind of guy I would be looking for to marry and for some reason I just started feeling like I couldn't breathe. She was asking if I wanted someone Jewish and I said I wasn't going to close off my options of the rest of the world just because they weren't Jewish and I didn't care as long as I was in love with them, and then she asked what other requirements he would have to have and I just...I don't know. I told her that I wanted someone who treated me well and got my sense of humor, and made me laugh and feel safe and like a better person, things like that. And then things got less serious because my Grandpa asked if I had the same sense of humor as my dad (which I definitely do NOT - pun-type jokes vs. almost intolerable sarcasm, definitely not the same at all) and then they talked about my brother and how he's been spouting out typical "Hatkoff Humor". I guess I've been joking about being single with them for too long though because now all they talk about is trying to figure out how to set me up with someone. And then I felt like a terrible person because even though we hadn't even been together for an hour I started feeling claustrophobic and like I needed to get out and walk around or just go home, which is not how most people feel after that short of amount of time with their family, especially when the family is nice. At least I don't think it is. It probably doesn't help that I'm feeling so drained of all my energy because of some stuff that's been going on. Although the evening started out really nicely (before we left their apartment) where they told me I look "phenomenal" because I've lost weight. So that's cool.

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