Friday, November 2, 2012

oh, life

Facebook has done it again!

After some (mild) facebook stalking, I came across a person I went to high school with who had quite an esteemed job. Good on him! BUT it made me feel bad about myself. SO I texted a mutual friend about it and the following conversation ensued. HOORAY!

Me: What the actual fuck, [name] is a [good job that people our age don't normally have]?
Her: What??
Me: That's what it says on Facebook
Her: That's weird.
Me: Yeah, right?
Her: Completely weird. Makes me feel old and unaccomplished.
Me: He's got us surpassed with everything, married, real job. He lives in [place] though so he doesn't own a house! (neither do we)
Her: Right. Dang. We suck at life I guess. If we continue to compare ourselves to [him] that is
Me: Yeah, but like if he is this accomplished...wasn't he like super immature? That makes it even more pathetic, haha
Her: Aw, dang, I didn't even think of his high school persona. He was pretty immature. Man... now I need to get drunk and forget my sorrows. Too bad I'm at work. Lame
Me: It's ok, just remember we're still better than other people (coughcough[name]coughcough). Man I'm a bitch
Her: Bahahahaha but it's so true. And [name] too
Me: Yes. So we're at least two people above the bottom, and you're above me so...high five
Her: Hahahaha...we might be on even ground. You graduated college. You might be above me even
Me: Yeah but you're living with a dude. Extra points. The only thing I have going is I'm not living at home. Plus going to school now is better because of the messed up economy. This is a fun game! Haha
Her: Hahahaha really it is
Me: The sick and twisted game of life, what earns you more points
Her: Hahaha
Me: Plus I think I lose points because I have Papa John's texting me all the time trying to get me to order a pizza hahaha
Her: Hahahahaha that text just made my night

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